Pedicure and Foot Massage Menu

This year sees a brand new pedicure menu of luxurious and relaxing treatments that also target dry and cracked heels and skin.

I am also delighted to be using a new varnish, Zoya that has many missing chemicals which is really important at The B Club.

For many different reasons we can often have issues with our feet, carrying extra weight in pregnancy, footwear, lack of attention. They are so very important but we can often neglect them and hide them away.

Your treatment will include targeted work on these areas, a relaxing foot bath and foot scrub, nails nourished including cuticle work, a deeply relaxing foot and lower leg massage and a polish of your choice.

You can zone out with an eye mask and some relaxing tunes or read some magazines sipping a iced B Club Brew.

Treatment can then continue at home as you will receive the remaining 30ml footcream and foot file.

The fantastic and highly effective footcreams from The Aroma Tree Company are used in all footcare treatments.

60 minute pedicure £30

75 minute pedicure with head massage £40

75 minute pedicure with extended foot and lower leg massage  £40

90 minute pedicure  with head massage and extended foot and lower leg massage £50  With add on Lava Shell heat £55

30 minute Lower leg and foot massage £25

45 minute natural pedicure ( no colour) with lower leg and foot massage £28