Baby Massage Classes

https://greenewellbeing.bookwhen.comBaby Massage is a tradition that has been passed down through generations all over the world for centuries.The programme taught at The B Club is from The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and I was fortunate enough to receive my training from Sylvie Hetu who has worked in Infant Massage for over 28 years.

Founded by Vimala McClure in 1976 the strokes taught are a mixture of all her learnings seeing babies massaged in India, from swedish massage and from her work as a yoga instructor. Baby massage is not just about learning massage strokes but about nurturing and bonding with your baby.

A perfect place to spend some one to one time with your little one and get to meet some new friends, we offer a welcoming and relaxing environment where parents and babies can learn a little bit more about each other and feel safe and comfortable to be themselves.

The beauty of baby massage is that while the actual act of massage is both relaxing for mother and baby and the nuturing touch is wonderful for the babies to receive, there is also so much more going on.

As you learn the strokes for the legs, feet, arm, hands, stomach, chest, back and face you will also be learning a new way of communication and classes offer uninterupted one to one time to learn your babies body language.

Baby Massage is a weekly class held over 4 weeks  costing £55. The first few weeks last an hour with the last few sessions running over as new strokes are included and the group gets to know one another.

Each parent has their own area to work from where they can massage,play,change and feed their baby, classes are completely baby led so strokes are always repeated and handouts given to take home. Strokes are demonstrated on a doll and should your little one fall asleep there are dolls available for you should you wish to practice-alternatively you can relax, sit back and listen to class helping yourself to items on the refreshment table for mums.