Pregnancy Massage

‘ For some reason I had always imagined that being pregnant would just be like me being me with a big bump out the front. It hadn’t occured to me that the reality of being pregnant eventually would be felt constantly in every physical part of my body,and in every recess of what I fondly used to call mymind’. Kaz Cooke-The real guide to pregnancy Up The Duff

Pregnancy brings about many changes to a womens body and massage during this time can be wonderfully soothing and relaxing, easing away tensions. As quite often life does not stop when you are pregnant massage gives you the time and space to simple unwind and enjoy time with your baby. For many centuries massage has been used to help women connect with their baby and ease the strain bought about by pregnancy and the extra pressure on all the bodies systems. Your treatment will begin with a full consultation covering medical questions related to your pregnancy and treatment goals. Massage takes place mainly in a side lying position but your preferences regarding comfort, areas massaged and medium used are discussed at this stage. Talc, massage wax or massage oil can be used. Massage during pregnancy is the same as regular massage however is designed in a way that is safe and appropriate, taking into account all the physiological changes to the womens body. A full body massage can include legs and feet,arms and hands, back, chest, neck, face and head. Pregnancy massage £50 a session.

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