Quick Look Price List

Therapy Room Treatment Menu


During Autumn and Winter the therapy room becomes a little haven to escape from the cold and relax and unwind.

Treatments commence with a consultation and chat, and you have a moment to catch your breath with a herbal tea and foot bath.


A mixture of holistic and swedish massage to release tension, relax the body and calm the mind

Full Body Massage (60Mins) £40

 Back, Neck and Shoulders (30Mins) £25

Full Body, Face and Head (90Mins) £60

Chest, Face and Head (45Mins) £35

Crani-Calm – A massage dedicated to the face and head with oil used on the face and hair and treatment left in the hair – (60 minutes) £45

Massage Packages 

3 x 60 minute sessions taken over 3 months –

session 1 £40, session 2 £38, session 3 £32

90 minute session course of 3 – £150

Yearly Passes

6 x 60 minute sessions £207

12 x 60 minute sessions £396

Pregnancy Massage

 £50 a session- This session is recommended for all pregnant clients and is a 60-90 session however should this not suit or you are purchasing gift vouchers then all the massage sessions listed above are adaptable and safe in pregnancy.

Postnatal Massage £50 a session-the 60-90 minute session is also available as a postnatal treatment however should this not suit or if you are purchasing gift vouchers for a new mum then all of the massage sessions listed above are adaptable and safe for postnatal treatments.

Baby Massage Classes 4 week course £55

Massage And Facial Combinations

Le Papillon was designed for those that can’t decide between a massage and facial. Based around the beautiful Neals Yard remedies Rose oil and Wild Rose Beauty Balm this treatment is a client favourite. You will have all the benefits of a facial with a back, arm, shoulder, neck and head massage.

The Original-Le Papillon Facial and Massage  (70 minutes) £42.50

Mini Papillon- Facial with Head, Chest, Shoulder and Arm massage (30 minutes) £30

Head To Toe Papillon – The full treatment, finishing with a foot massage (90 minutes) £55 

Facial with Chest, Shoulder and Head Massage (70 minutes) £55


Mini Facial – An Introduction to Neals Yard Products (30 minutes) £30

Facial (50 minutes) £42.50

Foot And Leg Treatments

All foot and Leg treatments are done using the amazing Aromatree Company foot creams, British made and full of beautiful ingredients.

Foot And Lower Leg Massage (30 minutes) £25

Luxury Pedicure (70 minutes) £35


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